Practice Areas

Real Estate


The real estate transaction is complex and potentially intimidating for a new home buyer. We appreciate these pressures and take the time to explain the process to our new clients.

From a starter condominium to a multi-million dollar home, we can assist with a variety of different transactions.

We have developed a step-by-step guide to make the process clearer and less stressful, especially concerning the costs (land transfer tax, legal fees, other potential costs). This package is provided to clients who have retained us for their purchases.

Our philosophy is one of personal service. As a result, you can be rest assured that you will be able to contact and speak to Tannis A. Waugh when you have questions or concerns.

Sales tend to be more straightforward, although issues can sometimes arise which require our involvement to resolve them. Our goal when acting for a seller is to ensure that the transaction runs as smoothly as possible and that if there are problems needing to be addressed, they are dealt with quickly and appropriately with minimal disruption to our clients.

We have created flat-rate packages for the purchase of new construction, condominiums and houses in addition to residential sales. At times, there may be complexities with a transaction which require additional disbursements or fees. These are always discussed with our clients before any work is undertaken.

We are experienced in many issues which go beyond the standard residential transaction, such as:

  • Title transfers and refinancing in the separation/divorce context;
  • Commercial and residential leasing;
  • Boundary disputes;
  • Title description amendments;
  • Title insurance policy purchases and claims; and
  • Real estate and estate Planning.

Estate Planning and Administration


Invariably, estate planning touches upon real estate and family law. As such, we at Tannis A. Waugh, PC offer estate planning advice to our clients, recognizing the specific needs of each individual client.

Whether estate planning is required because of a separation or divorce, new home purchase or new child, or advice is needed regarding estate administration, we are able to assist in a thoughtful and compassionate manner.

Effective estate planning requires attention to detail and a substantive understanding of each client’s unique situation. In order to affect an estate plan which will be useful for our clients, we collect a variety of information and work with other professionals such as: financial planners, bankers, accountants and life insurance agents to ensure our clients needs are met and their instructions are properly carried out.



As part of her general solicitor’s practice, Tannis provides a variety of corporate/commercial legal services to her small business clients and appropriate referrals for those who require more complex engagements.

Some of these services that we provide are set out below:

  • Incorporations (including ongoing corporate maintenance re: Minute Books;
  • The purchase or sale of a business (assets or shares);
  • Drafting and review of partnership, independent contractor, employment and service agreements;
  • Commercial leasing advice;
  • Negotiating commercial disputes.